16 Personalities

I recently took a free personality test at 16personalities.com. These tests can be fun, though they’re not to be taken too seriously. A test where you input data about yourself returns a (hopefully insightful) reflection of who you know yourself to be; the better you know yourself, the more accurate the test is.


16personalities reflected that I’m an Architect personality type, and this description got a lot right about me. It reflected a distaste for rules and structure, a love of planning things out, and perfectionist tendencies. It also pointed out that Architects do their best thinking alone, and I hadn’t noticed this yet. I have noticed that my mind can freeze up in team settings, and that walking outdoors is a great way for me to mentally work through the day’s events. The personality test took the facts I knew about myself and put 2 and 2 together.

So, that was fun. Apparently the Architect personality type is also a popular model for supervillains. Great. Which brings to mind, you can use these tests to help build complex literary characters by mixing and matching the personality traits. Voila! Your character (or supervillain like me) just became three-dimensional.


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