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Plumegrass in the Snow

Fluffy cotton candy
growing tall and proud
bamboo fresh from China
forest topped with cloud

Whispers all the time
in quiet and in breeze
wonder what is hiding
within those fluff-topped trees


No One to Blame

I can’t believe this happened.

How rude and inconsiderate!

The jar is nearly empty.

Someone else must have done it.

There’s not enough for lunch

It’s too salty at the bottom.

I just want some peanut butter.

Blast. Forgot I live alone.

Don’t Stare



Don’t stare at the sun.

That’s what I’ve been told
more than once
till I stopped looking.

Don’t stare at the sun.

That’s what the manual said
but I didn’t read it
till later.

Look at that thing
ball of fire
lighting the earth.

A furtive glance
just to remember
you can’t
see that bright.

Nobody can.

Not even my Canon.

Still I try.


By Starlight

The first thing you notice is the emptiness. Notice the sound, the feel, even the taste of open air. You’re exposed, and you know it. Alert and listening, you look around at the rustling leaves and wait for your eyes to adjust. You look up and see stars, and start walking.

A crystal roof of pinpoints, featureless if you don’t see the patterns. Living alongside the fireflies.

It’s empty out there, full of possibilities. The stars are closer than the rustling leaves, closer than the blinking lights on a distant hill.

They can’t be that close. Not really . . . but they are. Lightyears apart, all you really know is that the reaching fingers of dead space haven’t caught you yet. You’re under a blanket of warmth, the summer air a thin veil between solid earth and empty sky.

The stars are yours. Made for you.

This is the only time that ever was or will be.