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Candy for squirrels
oddly shaped rock
hope in a shell
tree in a century

the cap is a whistle
if you know how to do it

the bottom is a pinprick
when grasped too hard

together in great numbers
they’re natural ball bearings

just a seed
in need
of soil and sun


Just a Dandelion

A sappy leaf
a fuzzy stem
a coffee taproot brown

hanging to earth
reaching for sun
tight squeezed little bud

A glow of yellow
fiery spark of life
nodding in the breeze
proud as a sunflower

just a dandelion
in the sidewalk.


Tell Me a Story

Tell me a story
with a happy ending
with lots of adventures in between
with love and laughter
and averted disaster
and pictures I can see.

Tell me a story
and I’ll tell it again
in moments small
in snatches of time
tell me of your days gone by
so I can be there too.

Tell me a story
of the places you’ve been
the people you knew
the troubles you’ve had
how you made it
how you didn’t
how you lived to tell the tale.

And when you’re tired
your stories all told
your days full
your life calm
you’ll ask for my stories
and when you do
I’ll have them waiting for you.

I’ll tell you a story
with a happy ending
with lots of adventures, today, yesterday,
with love and laughter
and averted disaster
and plot twists all the way.

Ink Runs Dry

When the ink runs dry
the stories have been told
the thoughts written down
the loose ends tied

there’s more to life
than a book and a pen
there’s more to stories
than writing them down

this is why writers have to get up and live
feel their stories
make their own choices
be fearless like heroes
be a little bit mad
and see what others don’t see

get up and look.
leave the desk and go live.
write every day
but not every day
if life deserves to get in the way.

The stories will stay with you
draw your hand to the pen
but don’t force it
not today
let the ink
run dry.