Chalk dust

Chalk dust swirls in the early morning shaft of light, a spiral galaxy forming in empty space. The curtains are closed. The blackboard is empty, smeared with yesterday’s equations half erased.

The door creaks as it opens, again as it shuts. The blinds thump against the window. Rusty’s hand freezes on the knob, reluctant to let go. He’s never seen the classroom empty before, with the light shooting through the window like that. The chair where Rose sits and plays with her crayons is glowing. Joe’s chair is in the shadows, but the engravings on the legs of the desk are lit and look like Alaskan totem poles. Reuben, with his curly black hair, usually sits at the back. His chair is still missing.

Rusty’s cold, damp fingers unclasp from the door. He shuffles across the front of the room, a place forbidden to students. Fumbling with the piece of chalk, he scrawls three words across the blackboard.

“meet me there”

As he writes, the smallest breeze catches the blinds and sends them clinking against the window. Rusty whirls around, shoving the chalk in his pocket.


One more glance at his words, small and squiggly, and he heads for the door. The blinds tap the window as wood meets wood, and the door locks with a metallic clink. Rusty’s day has only begun.


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