The Art of Speaking


There’s only one way to learn how to speak to an audience. Practice. And once you practice enough, you start to see what speaking actually is.

Speaking is the art of self-improvement, of believing in yourself and others. Everyone has their own style to hone into something wonderful, and no one can be exactly like anyone else. Personalities shine through in speaking styles and the way you interact with an audience. Speaking is the art of becoming who you are.

One thing I learn, over and over again (perhaps I haven’t really learned after all), is that in order to give a good speech, you have to believe in it. You have to be positive. Without a positive attitude to bring a message to life, you’re dead in the water. With a can-do attitude, you’ll have the energy to shine, and people will take notice.

It translates to every area of life. Whenever you need to take initiative and make something yourself, believe that you can. Believe you have something to share, because you do. This is what turns your spark of light into a lighthouse beam.


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