3 Reasons You Should Write Short Stories Before Tackling the Novel

1 – It’s Easier

A short story can be written in anywhere from 15 minutes to 15 hours, where a novel might take hundreds of hours in planning, writing and editing. Starting small is a great way to build your confidence by setting reachable goals. You’ll have all the fun of building characters and telling a story, but also have the great satisfaction of seeing a finished product emerge in a reasonable timeframe.

2 – It’s Educational

Writing short and fast means you have more flexibility to experiment with your genre. If one story doesn’t turn out, oh well—it was a one-week experiment. Next week will be different.

You also experience all aspects of storytelling in a reduced timeframe: planning, writing, editing, and marketing. When writing a novel, each of these stages can take months, and there’s much more at stake (your time, at least). Short stories and novels teach similar skills, but you’ll learn more through short stories due to the great variety of material you’ll encounter.


3 – It’s Marketable

Short stories can be published in literary journals and put on your resume! Submitting your pieces this way is much less of a hassle than marketing your new blockbuster novel.rect2985


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