What I’ve Learned from Two Years of Blogging Every Week

First, a confession. It hasn’t actually been two years, and I haven’t actually blogged every week . . . but it has been two academic years, and I’m almost caught up (just four blogs behind!) with my blog-a-week commitment. So there.

Now, the lessons. What have I learned about this blog and my resolution to write every week?

           The Good: Sometimes You Just Have to Write Badly

Bad writing accumulates in all of us sometimes, and I personally can’t get rid of it except by giving it full reign and getting it down on paper. At these times, even though I know what I’m writing isn’t good, I also know that if I don’t write it, the trapped idea will hold back other potentially good ideas. Once I’ve written the thing down, I can come back and judge it more objectively later, and my mind will be free to explore new things.

When you’re required to write something every week, even something kind of bad, it’s much easier to get the bad writing out of your system and move on to greener pastures.

          The Bad: The Whole World Sees Your Imperfections

Yep. That’s what happens when you publish things online, and once you’ve agreed with yourself to publish once a week, mediocre creations will inevitably escape into cyberspace. Hopefully these low points won’t be too cringeworthy, but hey, at least you wrote something. And experiencing these small embarrassments is actually empowering in a way—you don’t have to worry about preserving your (nonexistent) facade of perfection. You’re grounded in reality, and come to understand that even the best of us aren’t the best all the time.

Lastly, having a weekly blog is a way to record my mental state over time. It’s a public journal, and it is and will be a record of my learning experiences through four years of college. It’s a good thing to keep writing.


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