Make Time for Great Stories

As a college student, I don’t have a lot of spare time. Every now and then, I’m hit by the jolting realization that I’ve let my storytelling fall by the wayside. I haven’t been writing as much as I want to.

These moments of realization are never really moments. They’re long points in time: a few days, a few weeks, when I feel ready to write on a moment’s notice. I started wondering to myself, what exactly prompts this urge to write? Something had to be inspiring me.

Now I know what it is. Experiencing a great story is what makes me want to write and create. It’s what reminds me why I do it all—sit typing for hours upon hours, careful editing, trying to figure out who my characters really are. I try to make magic because I’ve experienced it through someone else’s work.


These points of inspiration come when I happen to watch a great movie or find a wonderful new novel, stories that suck me in and make me forget where I am. As a busy college student, I encounter these moments of wonder accidentally, but now I think that it’s important to seek these things out. Keep looking for great stories, be they books, TV shows, movies, podcasts, blogs. Anything that draws you in and rekindles your sense of wonder, and leaves you wanting desperately to give back. That’s inspiration. That need to give makes writing as easy as it ever gets.


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