Why I Chose Media


College offers uncountable opportunities for young people, and one of these opportunities is to specialize in a field of your choosing. But what if you don’t want to specialize? What if your interests stretch from field to field, and as time goes on you lose interest in one subject only to gain interest in another?

I love exploring. That’s one of the reasons I chose to study/practice media and communication at college. I hardly consider media a real subject because, though you can study it if you’re bound to, media is nothing without good content—and content can be almost anything. Whatever subject you’re into at the moment, you can write about it, draw about it, document it on video and imagery. Media isn’t restrictive. That’s why I like it.

A photo can capture anything. Words can carry almost any idea. And the world needs communicators—people who can share a message and do it elegantly.

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