Fun with Stereo Photography

You don’t need a fancy camera to have fun with stereoscopics. Stereoscopic photography, or photography that creates the illusion of a 3-D image through 2-D images, can enhance the repertoire of any image enthusiast. Just take a look at these pictures (cross your eyes so that the images overlap).


19th century Boston. I didn’t take this shot.

snowy wood stereo

Winter woodland. This scene was ideal for stereo photography because the tree branches at varying distances provide a sense of depth.

ivy stereo

This is poison ivy. At least, I know it’s poison something—I rubbed some sap from the plant onto my arm a few years ago just to find out.

I took these two stereo pairs with a simple everyday camera—the trick is to take many, many photos. Pretend that your still camera is a movie camera, and take photo after photo after photo, each time moving your camera just a little bit in one direction (while keeping the distance to your subject constant). With this technique, chances are at least two of your would-be stereo pairs will turn out nicely.


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