Making the Choice to Write: Finding Awe

I know I’ve said many times that you don’t need inspiration to write. And you don’t. Not exactly.

And then sometimes, you do.

Writing is a choice, but how do you choose to write? Just sit down and start typing? Actually, that’s a very effective method and I used it to draft my first and second novels. But it really doesn’t work for editing, which takes thought and determination. How does one choose to write, and stick with that choice?

I know from experience that some of my resolutions fall by the wayside. The lasting resolutions, those that really cause change, are the ones driven by some deep desire. I really want something, and these choices are the path to getting what I want.

Do you want your writing to be good?

You can’t just be motivated by writing itself. There’s got to be something bigger, something that viscerally grips you and drives you to write. Maybe your writing was more fun for you long ago, and it’s lost its magic. What changed? Go back and find out. What means so much to you that you’ve got to write about it? Look there for motivation.

DSCF4441 Blog32GraphicSmallerThe things that best help me stay motivated are the things I find awe in. When I’m out in the summer woods, I can’t contain how wonderful the life and sky and echoing birdsongs seem to me, and so I write. And just trying to imagine how the world looks to another conscious human being boggles me into awe at the nature of experience. These are my motivators, things that don’t just drive me to write but make me feel like writing is the least I can do.

What do you find awe in? Take it and dwell on it. And know why you write, so you can make the choice and keep it.


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