The (Overrated) Importance of Planning

Years before I was ever interested in college, friends and neighbors started asking me about my college plans. I had no college plans. While my peers were busily applying to and researching schools, I was blissfully investing in my high school projects. Bah, college.

I had no plans, that is, until my senior year of high school, one week before my chosen school’s application deadline. I applied, I got in, here I am at college.

I’m still surprised that last-minute impulse decision turned out so well.

Things that are important to me, of course, tend to get more attention. Now that I’m in college, I start thinking about next semester’s courses months before registration. I’m thinking about grad school and I’m only a freshman. But I still think planning is overrated.

What are you planning to do after college? I don’t know.

A career you want to aim for? Mm, not sure.

I’m preparing for my future, but not planning. I’m preparing by learning all I can about myself and the world, getting good grades, networking and positively influencing my community. But planning? Bah. Life’s like writing a good novel: you start and then you just keep going, working with what you’ve got and making it more like you want it to be.


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