Choose Boldness

I waited longer than most of my peers when it came to choosing a college, and deciding whether or not I was actually interested in college to begin with. The significance of these life decisions weighed on me and kept me procrastinating, trying to keep all my options open as long as possible.

Finally, one week before the application deadline, I decided to apply to one school, and that’s the school I’m going to now. My first semester is just over, and it’s been a big change from high school to higher education. These new experiences have given me more material to write about than I ever could have dreamed of before.

Making life decisions is scary for the same reason that making creative decisions is scary. If you choose one option, you’re automatically rejecting all the others. What if you make a mistake? What if you make a huge mistake?

What if you’re so scared of making a mistake that you refuse to make a choice?

We like to forget that not making a choice is, in itself, a choice. It’s a choice that says, “To be fair, I’m going to reject all of you good options, because you’re too close for me to fairly choose. So there.”

And where does that get you? No mistakes for now. And no learning experience.

You’ve got to take risks. Really, you do, and especially as an author. Choose a path and then embrace it for a while, and learn. Perhaps you will look back and see where you could have written something better. If this happens, congratulate yourself! You were bold enough to keep going, risk imperfection, and further your writer’s education.

You’re an artist. Something is always better than nothing. Be bold, be creative and explore, and don’t be afraid to choose.


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