Process of Creation

What does it take to create a story? I’ve been learning about this in the past weeks as I created my first comic strip.

During this project I made a plan with tasks I had to accomplish and time frames to achieve them by, and for the most part I stuck to my list. I now have a completed project, simple perhaps, but nonetheless finished.

Before I began sketching, I talked with a local professor who knows a lot more about comic making than I do, and he opened up a whole world of options that I didn’t know existed, about style and form of comics. Then I went ahead and started sketching, not a huge amount, but enough so that I had some drawings to choose from when I entered the editing stage. During the editing stage, I recruited my computer-savvy brother as a resource to help me out with understanding Gimp so that I could manipulate the images effectively. These activities—using knowledgeable people as resources and doing something that I like—made my comic project an enjoyable learning experience.

pirate 2 complete1evensmaller


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