That Second Week of November

If you’re writing a novel this month, you know that the second week is often the toughest. It’s about now that we start to get tired of our story, and if we hadn’t made up our minds to keep writing until that 50,000 word finish line, we’d give up right about now.

I think this second week is a really special time in the creation of our novels. This is the point where you either give up, or you rediscover your novel and what you really like to write about. You’re stuck at the desk, after all. You need to reach that word count. You get bored of the way things are going. Either you give up, or you start telling yourself a story that keeps you entertained. It’s the natural progression of things.

Make no mistake, there are only two choices here. To write, or not to write. Give up, or keep going. And if you keep going, you will make something interesting.

This is the defining moment. If you’re bored with they way things are going in your novel, if it seems like nothing’s happening, keep on fighting for that word count! Things will change soon. Week three will come, and by then you’ll be careening towards the finish line.

For some great advice on making your novel writing fun, I recommend the article Don’t Take Your NaNoWriMo Novel So Seriously.


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