When There’s Nothing More to Say

Have you nothing to say?

A friend of mine who’s writing a novel this November recently told me that she ran out of words, so she stopped writing for the day. She just had nothing more to say. I know that feeling well—that is, of having nothing to say. I began my first novel with nothing to say. I’m writing my second novel now, with nothing to say. But the thing is, just because you don’t consciously know what you have to say, doesn’t mean you can’t write.

There is material deep within your soul, always. Experiences and thoughts and opinions. It may not be conscious. You may feel you have nothing to say, and you may be right—at that moment. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write.

Do you have nothing to say?

Write anyway. You’ll find that you’ve just said something.

The act of writing pulls together whatever wispy ideas you have hovering below your conscious awareness. Writing creates something from nothing. Whether you have something to say, or you haven’t, if you want to be a writer, all you’ve got to do is…


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