The Making of a Comic Book

One of my most interesting school projects involves creating a comic book and documenting the process of creation. I’ve begun by making a spreadsheet that specifies the tasks that need to be accomplished and the time frames the tasks should be completed within, which you can see below.

projectplan snip

I began by researching my topic and speaking with informed people, gathering information by word of mouth. This step informed me of my options for comic creation, which was important because I’ve never made a comic before. The next step focuses mainly on sketching the actual images for the comic. To do this, I am simply using a nice, smooth-writing pen and print paper, and then scanning my pictures into a computer. I also plan to explore digital drawing with Inkscape and Gimp (I use both of these for creating logos). Once I digitize all of my images, I will finalize their arrangement and look using Gimp and/or Inkscape.

Then the comic generation phase will be complete. However, I will still need to finish my documentation of the project. I’ll be typing notes for my later reference in OpenOffice during the comic creation period. I haven’t yet decided on a Platform for my documentation—I may use OpenOffice (text document or presentation) or TiddleySpace. I will decide on the platform in the near future—according to my plan, it should be before November 20th so I can stay on schedule.


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