Content is Influenced by Social Media Platforms

It’s SUNYIThursday, and my class was instructed to share a story on multiple media platforms and observe how the platforms influence the story. So, let’s explore the similarities and differences between Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram.

A variety of people use each of these platforms, and each medium is similar in that it provides an outlet for people to share information about themselves. People use these apps for social networking, sharing information, and gathering information about others. Each of these social networking devices allow folks to share images and videos, except for twitter, which does not allow videos. Facebook is more flexible than twitter when it comes to word limits, which is one reason I prefer to use Facebook.

Each social-networking app has a different feel to it, generated by its respective word count limits, video limits, etc. These differences effect the content spread through them. If you’d like to write a long post, Facebook will work for you, but not twitter. If you want to share a video, maybe you should go with Vine. Your choice of medium will influence how your subject is represented.


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