Make Writer Friends

Why do other writers make the best of friends for writers themselves?

It’s simple. We’re fighting the same battle to find inspiration and stay motivated to express ourselves, our thoughts and our muses, and conquer the voices that say “You’re wasting time” and “You’re not good enough”.

Conquer? Maybe I should say “hold at bay for just one moment more”, while we crank out another sentence of rebellion. The voices never stop whispering. Oh, for a moment, yes- but they always return. Every sentence we write is a triumph against the voices in our head and occasionally outside our head that whisper and sometimes roar, “Stop.” We are warriors. The enemy is within us more than it is without. So many writers give in to the pressure. So many of us lose hope.

A writer is simply one who writes. What can a writer do to maintain his title, to uplift and empower himself to continue the fight against the easy path of inaction? Well, what does anyone do who wants to see a battle won, a tide turned? Think about this a moment.

You join forces.

Find others who feel the way you do, who will fight alongside you, stand by you, uplift you. Perhaps when the roles reverse and you find yourself uplifting another writer, one step removed from the process, you will gain perspective that helps you view your own writing in a positive light. I personally have a vague sense that I am too tough on my own writing, focusing on the bad but not the good, as I am emotionally unremoved from the work. But bring in your writer friends for a fresh perspective and you’ll have a much more accurate view of your brainchild.

If you are a writer, you are a warrior, and warriors cannot fight alone. Not for long at least. You can try writing alone if you wish- I concede that the act of writing itself is indeed a solitary process- but the time will come when you need others to support you and help you bring your seed of thought to fruition. Non-writer friends can surely be great help, but there’s nothing like a writer friend, a compatriot who understands your struggles like no one else, standing by your side to share your woes and joys, and for you to share theirs. Make writer friends.





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